Friday, December 19, 2014


Good afternoon.

In the end, I skipped school again today.
I'll be back on Monday.

I finished Kakeru's route.
It got more and more interesting every event.

I chose to see the happy end.
Aaaaand Kakeru's happy end is so cute. <3

I'll try Heishi's route next.
And then Natsuhiko's.
And then Sakuya's.
And maybe Akito's next.

I'm active on Twitter again now, by the way!

I watched ItaKiss 2 too.
Can't wait for the 4th episode!
Irie (or rather, Yuki) is so lovely~


I want to finish my song.
I made my friends wait.

I need more time.
I don't know, I just can't get the feelings right.
And I'm an amateur. I'm not a professional yet.

I still don't know what to do with the arrangement.

Maybe miracle will occur and I can finish it tomorrow.
Maybe next week. Or next month. Or maybe the next 12 months.

God please help me.

Oh yeah.

Yesterday, Shin came over with her friend, Hirah.
It's actually kinda awkward since I don't know her.
But it seems like Shin talked a lot about me.

And Hirah said that she wants to study in Japan, too.
I'm glad I found another friend.

But to be honest, I want Shin and Luchann and Mayyoo to come too.
I want us four to go to Japan, our dream country.
Even if none of us passed the entrance exam of a university there,
at least I want to go for a trip.

And I'm hoping that he will come too.

I haven't told you anything about him, right?

Well then.
See you next time.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Good evening.

Lately, my passion is Itazura na Kiss.
And Furukawa Yuki.
And NORN9.

So today is Furukawa Yuki's birthday.
Happy birthday, Yuki!

I was sure I sent a happy birthday tweet last night.
But it seems like I was wrong.
Internet betrayed me.

I RATE IT 99999/10.

I started playing NORN9 because of Shin.
At first I thought it has a boring story.
That's why I didn't play it until now.

I'm in Kakeru's 4th chapter.
There are 7 chapters, so I'm kinda halfway.

What bothers me when playing otoge, is its ending.
There are lots of endings, and I want to see all of them.
But sometimes I lost the motivation because I thought I have to go through all that again.

My eyes are still not really used to Japanese text.
Especially an unfamiliar kanji.
Unfamiliar kanji is what stopped me from playing Japanese game.

It's different with Japanese websites.
You can still search it in the internet.

I skipped school today, but I'll be back to school tomorrow.
I don't feel like waking up early in the morning.
For school.

We haven't received our studying report, so that means I'm not on holiday yet.

see you next time~!

Thursday, December 11, 2014



It seems like I didn't write anything on November.
Yeah, it has been a very busy month.

It's December, guys.
A little more and we'll see 2015 soon in around 3 weeks.
January 1st will be on Thursday.

Today is Semester Test, Day 4.
It'll end on Day 8.

I think I'm sick.
I don't know why I'm always sick before a test.
I wonder if it's some kind of special syndrome.

Shin challenged me that I have to finish that song I plan to make for our graduation.
I really want to finish it, since I'm like 6 months late.
I'm working hard on it.

Okay, time to go.
Not much to tell since I hardly can do fun things lately.
But there are fun things that I did.
I'll tell you later on holiday.

Wish me luck on my test.
See you later.