Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hi good afternoon everyone.

I'm sorry for not posting anything for 2 days... I think.
Well, there are a lot of things to do and I barely even had the time to write.
So, I guess I'll have to change my online status to semi-hiatus.

By the way, I ranked top 22,000 in osu!.
#21,520, to be exact.
It's so hard to rank up at this point.
Even though you scored an SS you will only rank up like #100 up.
Or even only #50.

I wanted to be in the top 20,000 but it seems like it won't be as easy as it would be.
I'm going to do a multiplayer game with Pukhan tomorrow night.

Oh yeah.

I started to go active in again.
Do ask me some question if you have time.

And there's famous person on
Named Andori. Let's just call her Dori.

She's an Indonesian graphic designer, currently living in Japan.
I really admire her.
She's very hard-working, consistent with her dreams.
And her dream really came true; living in Japan and studying in an art university.
I want to do the same thing.
I'm getting really fired up now.

I told my father about the idea of studying in Japan.
He said I have to prove that I can.
I'm sure I can do it.
It's my dream after all.

I'll continue to study Japanese first.

Speaking of studying Japanese,
there's this test I often heard of.
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.
Like TOEFL, but Japanese.

So from what I know,
this test is held twice a year in Japan,
and once a year in foreign countries.
And this year's test is on July.

For Indonesia, there are a few cities which this test will be held.
But Makassar is not the one.
I'll just have to wait for another year.
I tried to take a sample question of JLPT.
I tried N5 at first and it turned out to be quite simple.
N4 too, but it's a little bit difficult.
And I gave up at N3.
Too much kanji to read.

About Crush-san.

I feel like this is really going to end.

Whenever I take a glance at him, I can only hold the pain.

2 days ago was his birthday and I didn't even remember.
I have no right to love, or even to like him anymore.

I found a new ongoing anime titled "No Game No Life".
About everything that is settled through games.
It sounds cool so I'm downloading it.

There is also SnK's 2nd OVA.
Speaking of SnK, I just found out that Levi's full name is,
Levi Ackerman.
Means he's Mikasa's family.

Damn it Isayama.

My grandfather came to Makassar a few days ago.
It's really awkward for me because I don't really talk to my grandpa.
And I couldn't spent my Saturday night fully because he told me to go to bed soon.

Guess what?

I talked to Ai via Skype call last night.

Damn I was very nervous.
But she's so kind and let me finish the sentence slowly.
I just wanted to make sure I don't say anything weird.

Ugh I have to learn more about grammar.

See you next time.
Hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Good afternoon.

Today is a beautiful day.
Second day of exam and thankfully I'm still alive.

Yesterday I got an S rank for a very tricky beatmap on osu!.
It's called "Crack traxxxx".
If you haven't play the beatmap... go and play.

Yesterday I went to the mall and played some games in the game center.

I don't know, but my brother suddenly give this card to me,
and said that it was from a boy beside him.

I feel a bit weird like "Why would he give a Midnight card to me it's so expensive".

But in the end I said thanks and accepted it.

And when I was in the bookstore,
look at what I found.

Sakamichi no Apollon.

I'm going to cry.
I wish I could buy all the volumes.


What was I doing yesterday?

Oh yeah, some song recommendation.
  1. Mizuki Nana - Vitalization.
  2. supercell - My Dearest.
These songs are good.
Trust me.

I enjoyed playing osu! today.

See you next time.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Good evening.

My Sakamichi no Apollon order has arrived.
I'm so happy.

And today, I finally told Mom how I used her credit card without permission.
I feel so guilty.
I promise I won't do that again.
I'll make sure I get her permission every time I want to buy something.
But I don't think that'll happen.

And so, today is the first day of the exam week.
Math and civics.
It's easier than I expected.

Except for math.
I think there were many errors on the question.
And that made me confused.

Last night I heard Natsume ad Subaru Drama CD.
It's a track included in the 7th volume of the DVD.
Titled "ドキッ!?女装だらけの大学寮".

It's so funny.
I couldn't stop smiling hearing those weird voices.

The story is about Natsume and Subaru who are curious about the university Ema chose.
It's an all-girls university.
Yuusuke informed this to Subaru, and Subaru went to Natsume's apartment to inform him.

Natsume disagreed because if Ema entered the university then she'll never have any boyfriend.
Although you and your brothers fight over her. w

And then they just went to the university to "investigate".
But in the end girls from the university noticed them and they ran away.
.....Inside the university.

So they hide and heard Hikaru's voice.
You know Hikaru, so I think I don't have to explain.
Subaru moved a bit and there were cardboard boxes.
Inside it is a sailor uniform and a nurse uniform.

Guess what?
They frikin put it on.

You guys should listen to Maeno's low-but-girly voice.
It's hilarious.
I've uploaded it to Tumblr.

I have to study for tomorrow's exam.
Religion education and Indonesian language.
I think I can handle both, but I need to study more.

Yesterday, I got a sad news.
My teacher's wife died and everyone in school went to his house to pay a visit and mourn.
...or something like that.

The best thing that happened today is,
I was able to talk to Crush-san normally again.
Like old days.

We talked abut osu!, Pou, and,
once again, I realized I can't tear my gaze from him.

It seems like my dream came true.

Okay I think that's all I can tell for today.
See you tomorrow.