Sunday, August 24, 2014


Good evening.

How long has it been since my last post?
Felt like weeks.

I have been very, very busy with school and other activities.
I hardly ever had the time to write something.
This is my first Sunday in forever (it just feels like it).
I thought I'll write super long, but, nah.

My heart feels so heavy.
I have too many things on my mind I can't even put it into words.
I'm just, tired.
Some things just didn't go my way.

I'm tired of "brilliant future" shit.
I'll just do everything my way.
It's my life.

I'm sorry if I confused you, but I'm sorry.
I guess it'll be a while until my next post.

Really sorry.

But I wish I can write again, soon.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Good evening.

School classes have started. I decided not to slack.
But, gah, I felt very sleepy in class.
It's a little too cold.

Today we learned physics and biology.
High school lessons are so difficult.

Oh yeah I broke a part on my mic stand and no I can't use it.
It's like everything I buy, and touch, will break.
I'm hurt by this fact.

Speaking of it, since my first year in middle school, my phone won't last for 1 year.
It'd be lost somewhere, on SATURDAYS.
It happened twice.

And thank God, my current phone is still here since last year.
I'm very, very grateful and I will make sure I don't lose it.

It seems like I'm in a class with serious students.
But there is someone who runs a blog just like me, even though it's not a diary blog.
I'm glad.

I hardly ever found anyone who writes journals on blogs.
I hope I can get along with this person well.

It seems like Shin and the others will study Japanese.
I'm happy for them.
And I'll be learning Germany.
Good for me, too.



I hope I can survive tomorrow.
See you next time.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Good afternoon.

AAAHH I'm exhausted.

I felt quite... stressed since a week ago.
I didn't get to listen to music, and play keyboard... or EVEN touch my laptop.
I had to do all the assignment senpai told me to do.

Now that it's all over, I can relax... at least until classes really start for real.

In a school, the thing I look forward the most is the club.
I'm thinking to join the SECC (English club), and SSS (art club).
I want to join a sport club but I don't know, I don't like being busy with something I don't really like.
I guess I'll go jogging once in a while.

Indonesia's education system is really a wreck right now.
The education ministry forced us students to study until 4/5 PM.
Like what the fuck, sir.

They won't let us have a break.
You can't call it a day if there is no homework given to you.

I wish I won't get sick.
Yeah, if I get too tired, I tend to get sick.
Like fever, or something like that.

Good things will still exist.
I believe that.

I did a a mic test here. Forgive my bro's laugh.

Also I'm going to participate in a chorus group.
I don't know if I can do a recording today, my relatives are coming to visit.
Even though this is my last relax day before classes start.

Yesterday was Shin's birthday.

Happy birthday Shin!!
I wanted to write this yesterday but ugh I lack sleep and couldn't handle the sleepiness and went to bed.
I wish you all the best, I hope you achieve your dreams, and get what you want.
I hope you can make friends in your new school. I hope you'll get a good grade.
I hope you'll find someone to love, and I hope that person notices and loves you too so you don't have to suffer like me.
I hope you'll do better at everything you do, including your art.

And tomorrow is Shouta and Kishou's birthday.
My babies will get older.
Even though they share the same date, but their age gap is pretty far, I think.
I'm going to congratulate them on Twitter.

Hh. I hate Mondays.

I think that's all I can say for today.
See you next time.